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Intravenous Therapeutics

Our custom formulas have a wealth of benefits. Cold & Flu Relief. Longevity. Beauty. Weight loss. Stress Reduction. Migraines & Headaches. Malabsorption’s GI Health. Immune Support. Chronic Fatigue. Hangovers.

Pre-Surgical Testing

Medical Clearance done from the comfort of your own home. Physical Examintaion. Blood Tests. EKG.

Sports Medicine

Injuries. Bone and Joint Health. Regenerative Therapeutics. Physical Therapies. Postoperative Care. Medical Braces. Athletic Recovery.


At-home Testing. Simple. Fast. Reliable. Quickest turnaround time in NYC.

Women's Health

OBGYN Consultation. Reproductive Health. Annual Exam/Pap Smear. Hormonal Testing. STD Screening. Ultrasound

Aesthetic Enhancements

Injectables (Botox/Fillers). Laser Therapy. Facial Treatments.

Health & Wellness

Medical Massage. Private Yoga. Reiki Healing. Sound Healing. Life Coach. Nutrition. Diet/Exercise.

Global Retreats

East Meets West. Evidenced based medicine combined with Holistic Therapies. Book your next health vacation with Checkmate.

Mental Health

Maintenance and Enhancement of mental well-being. Supportive & integrative treatment. Psychotherapy/counseling. Evaluations and treatments for post-traumatic stress, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and behavioral conditions.

Customized Supplements/Medication

Specialty medications and vitamins tailored to your individual health analysis. Data-driven personalization collected by blood, DNA, and your lifestyle. Precision medicine.

Gene Compass

Genetic Testing and Counseling. Comprehensive assessment of your genetic health. Analysis of all genetic pre-dispositions. Gently done from the comfort of your own home. One, single minimally invasive saliva test. 400+ Genes Tested. Reports personal health risks, adverse drug responses, and wellness.

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Our Mission & Humanitarian Work

Our mission is to educate and amplify knowledge surrounding disease prevention and create health strategies that mitigate health disparities to ensure the wellness of our community. Don’t get well soon, be well always.