Concierge medicine is highly personalized comprehensive medical care that takes place in the convenience of your own home or desired location rather than a doctors office or hospital.  

Concierge medicine offers several advantages over traditional office visits:

  1. Personalized Care: Patients receive more individualized attention and a deeper understanding of their medical history, leading to tailored diagnosis and treatment plans.
  2. Accessibility and Convenience: Direct access to physicians through various means, even after office hours, provides timely medical advice and assistance, bypassing the need for urgent care.
  3. Longer Appointments: Concierge medicine appointments are typically longer, allowing for a more comprehensive evaluation and addressing all patient questions and concerns.
  4. Coordinated Care: Physicians act as advocates, coordinating with other specialists and healthcare providers, streamlining medical records and facilitating referrals.
  5. Preventive Care and Wellness Focus: Emphasizing proactive measures, such as regular screenings and personalized preventive plans, helps maintain optimal health and prevent future complications.
  6. Reduced Wait Times: Concierge medicine often reduces waiting room times, as providers have fewer patients and offer more flexible scheduling options.

Yes, we have providers available around the clock. 

Appointments vary depending on the services requested.  Patients can trust that Checkmate will take the time needed to fully address their needs and follow up when appropriate.

Our providers are committed to your care and sense of wellbeing.  We will always answer your questions post visit in a timely manner to ensure your comfort and clarity.


Intravenous Therapy or IV Therapy is used to deliver medication, vitamins and fluids into the body directly through the bloodstream which allows the absorption of fluids more quickly. 

A tiny needle is inserted into the vein and taken out once the small plastic tube (called a catheter) is in place.  The IV fluid and customized vitamins and/or medication then goes directly into the body through the bloodstream.

All IV treatments are administered by a licensed advanced medical practitioner.

Duration of an IV drip varies depending on several factors including a patient’s hydration level and the type of IV chosen for treatment.

Candidates for custom IV therapy include athletes, individuals with nutritional deficiencies, those experiencing hangovers, those with chronic fatigue or low energy levels, individuals in need of immune system support, and those with chronic illnesses or conditions, and individuals returning from high altitudes or travel.  It’s recommended to consult with a healthcare professional to determine if custom IV therapy is suitable for your specific needs and health condition.

Most patients report feeling positive effects on the day of treatment.  Engaging in regular treatments ensures the cumulative effects are more sustained.

We recommend speaking with your Checkmate provider to establish your goals and get a customized plan.

Side effects include but are not limited to discomfort at the injection site, thrombophlebitis, fatigue, allergic reaction, congestive heart failure, lowering of blood sugar levels, fever, chills, and generalized complaints.

IV therapy should not be used if you are pregnant unless you have a severe life-threatening disease.

Pre-Surgical FAQs

Pre-surgical testing may include blood tests, electrocardiograms (ECGs or EKGs), chest X-rays, and other specific tests based on your medical history and the type of surgery.

You can schedule a concierge home-based pre-surgical testing appointment by contacting, calling 917-947-9747, or on our website here.

Fasting requirements for blood tests can vary depending on the specific tests ordered. Your healthcare provider will instruct you if fasting is necessary.

The turnaround time for test results may vary, but you can typically expect to receive them within 2-72 hours. Your healthcare provider will inform you of the timeline. Expedited testing is available for emergent requirements.

The Checkmate Health Care team will send the test results to both you and the ordering physician before your surgery date. If your physician requests, we can also provide a clearance letter.

Unfortunately, Checkmate Health does not currently participate with insurance providers. We charge a flat fee for the concierge provider visit, which is due before the provider concludes the appointment at your service location.

A member of the Checkmate Health team will contact the lab to verify if your insurance will cover the cost of the bloodwork. If the lab does NOT accept your insurance, you will be billed directly by the lab for the tests conducted during the appointment.


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